FAQs - Registry

Welcome to the Ellis Hill registry!

To begin your registry, select "Create a Registry" from our Registry page. You'll be prompted to create an account on our site and then create and customize your registry for a personal touch.

If you have any questions along the way, give us a call or send us an email--one of the Ellis Hill team members will help you curate a fabulous registry!

Should I start my registry in store or online?

Either way. You can walk around the store and make a list, or start at home then stop by to see if you’ve missed anything. The Ellis Hill team is happy to set up your registry for you and email you your login. You can add or remove things from your registry at any time, and we’re always receiving new products, so please continue to check back with us.

Is everything in your store also on your site?

You will find many popular items from our store are available on our site. However, we are continuing to expand our site every month. Items coming to the site include tableware, glassware, and expanded linens selections. If there’s anything you see in the store that isn’t on our site and you want to add it to your registry, just send us an email, call, or let us know the next time you’re in and we’ll take care of it.

If an item is out of stock can I add it to my registry?

Absolutely. Our inventory is always changing—things that are in stock today may be out tomorrow and vice versa. Don’t worry, you can add anything on our site to your registry, and your friends can even purchase things that are out of stock.We try to keep tabs on all of our registries, but if your shower is coming up and you want to make sure certain items are in stock, just let us know and we will do our best to have them in.

How long will it take to receive items that have been purchased from my registry.

Most items at Ellis Hill are bespoke or made to order. Some ship directly from the manufacturer, while other items are personalized onsite or locally. We will keep you and/or the purchaser updated on the status of the order.