Royal Palace Tablecloth
Royal Palace Tablecloth

Royal Palace Tablecloth

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Tablecloth in linen can be used both decoratively and practically throughout your home and outdoor spaces. Incredibly versatile, can be used as a beautiful tablecloth on a table for four to six guests, for a picnic lunch en plein air and will always add a personalized touch of color and style to any space or event.
The Royal Palace White print has called for Lisa Corti to embark on an exciting new printing technique: this innovative technology is unique as the printed designs originate from a hero hand-carved prototype designed using block printing which digitally relays onto pure linen. Made exclusively in Italy, this new artisanal yet modern practice paves the way for Lisa Corti to employ linen as a material within this collection. Inspired by a faraway historical Eastern ornament, this design pays homage to The Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. A decadent secret basement within the palace walls houses an eloquently painted vase exhibiting exotic birds and fluorescent florals. Lisa Corti designers have reimagined this immersive tropical scene. This poetic design merges the modern and classical, resulting in an escape from the ordinary.




Handmade in India


30° machine wash. Do not soak.

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